Feel the unsaid…

Sometimes silence speaks unsaid words,
Even those that were once upon unheard.
The tongue doesn’t retain any bone.
Still can grow wild plant where flowers were grown.

They hide so much, and then what do they reveal,
For life’s not an agreement why make a deal.
They wear one and only mask for each day.
Hunting each day; making feelings their prey.

We are all responsible for all that we do,
I just wish wounds were external-easy to sew,
Wish to escape sometimes want to avenge.
But for definite peace is better than revenge.


Avenged Lady

Is she the same girl, I used to know?
Who used to laugh and waddle with the flow?
I see she’s loosing herself somewhere,
For we know life never plays fair.

Once I used to feel alive, when she was around,
But now she’s forgotten how to fly off the ground.
I just desire to gaze inside her soul,
Steal away all the sorrows that she holds.

She still giggles, hiding her fears,
For none ever noticed eyes filled with tears.
I see her alone even in everyone’s presence.
Dash the memories of bitter past and race with present.

Think about it…

Might it be easy to walk bare foot on coal?
Besides, destroying already destroyed soul.
Eyes were once mirror to heart,
For what would you see if you tear it apart?

If you were burdened with what you plot,
You’d died suffocating with its bloat,
Similar land… similar roof for beings to live.
Won’t it be better besides hatred love you give?

But blood runs thin in those vessels,
Why should you care, why not easily hustle.
It’s not your pain not your grieve,
Then bother for what, why for right heave.

Maybe I can

I can never grasp stars in palm,
Yet I believe to touch the sky.
I walk with all the people on land,
Yet I believe one day I’ll sore up high.

I can’t breathe in waves forever.
Yet I believe to swim in depths inside.
I can’t ride over the mountains,
Yet I believe to touch its peak, keeping fear aside.

I can never fly with wind far away,
Yet I believe to dance as it blows.
I wish to hold the time but can’t even if I will;
Yet I believe enjoying each second as it flows.

I wish to stay with whom I want forever,
Yet I believe everyone bids goodbye,
I can’t hold the tears in eyes,
Yet I know the heart stops bleeding never.


World seems as huge barrel of sorrow.                                                                                                                                                    If only spoken words let the spirit harrow,                                                                                                                                                  for great deeds do turn into weeds,                                                                                                                                                           then instead…on emotions they feed.

Righteous path was full with thorn.                                                                                                                                                        Erase all fake faces you’ve worn.                                                                                                                                                          You hide that light, let it glow.                                                                                                                                                                                Reveal that kindness hidden in burrow.

You lie all around for lies benefit never.                                                                                                                                                   It leaves scars unhealed forever.                                                                                                                                                       You play dirty tricks to let others down.                                                                                                                                                    For time brings back everything back around.

Slight Favour

Please doesn’t scratch on unhealed wound,
I tried to plant happiness let it bloom.
Eyes never drizzle, yet heart bleeds,
You think I am unaware, but I heed.

I am still lost, though I walk with crowd,
Inside I roar… never scream out loud.
I ignore my feeling, still it hurts,
Then hiding it all, laughing I revert.

I never asked a favour, now I do ask,
For my heart not abides to be sorrows cask.
Why don’t you understand my reality differs?
I will never nature myself as you prefer.

Life Phases

Pain only chooses those, worth it;
Happiness, sorrows, don’t watch profit,
Tears fill the eyes, yet never shed,
The surfs of gloom over the sea bed,

Can I once bring back time I’ve lost,
I tried to escape but it made me its host,
We are characters on stage of life;
Fighting a battle against time to survive,

Though as sand it slipped off my hand.
Cruelness and misery rules our land,
We are travellers with no place to stay,
Through those hardships, we still mend the way.


I couldn’t dare to gaze into her eyes,
That reveals pain behind; silent disguise.
Those petals lock unspoken falling out,
Can’t imagine of battles you’ve fought.

Within that stillness I can hear ample words,
That unfortunate soul sensed all sort of absurd.
For once that broken silence hit so hard,
Your verses stole away part of my heart.

You spell out nothing still declare so much,
Felt grieve pain… flow of words touch.
That soul’s so innocent, so very clear.
I would love to feel all your fears.


A day I wish to stand solitary,
Stand part; from world’s misery.
Away from the earth; beneath sky,
Neither moreover low; nor excessively high.
Glancing at enormous hills,
Probably empty spaces might fill.

Moving as a lonely cloud,
There’re million things to feel proud.
I want to be conscious; still lost,
Far away might stand a land coast.
All that I dream, wishing on shooting star,
Loosing hope with dead soul par by par.

Just a step and a deep breath,
Deciding to be angel or a Seth,
For every choice there’s an outcome.
Life was not ever a song to hum,
As though I was careful on choosing steps,
I should have watched before I leaped.


The soul shivers on all you do,
For all the horrors you brew.
Awakened the dead from graves,
All those scars; that you had pave.

Hear that scream; their lurid cry.
You can’t clutch that burden even if you try.
Still they long, to live through.
They care for you besides your shrew.

You won’t even dare to peek inside
In that hollow unspoken fears reside.
Just gaze those eyes fill with tears, 
Please man fear no one, but fear whom all fears.