Apprehensive Sunlight

Originally posted on Elan Mudrow:
? The floor chases the sun Disturbing the warmth, Dust wanders Within bent beams, embedded In light captured heat Moves as an animal, crawling Never quite caught, always catching ? Late leaves, blended with sidewalks Attempt a crossing, through portal Entering dry, slightly sifted Remnants, now empty veins Lost among…

Bleeding Heart

She scratched herself extremely hard for she couldn’t bare the mental pain, That girl tried to protect herself but nothing helped; not even saint. Hid her in darkness so none would ever understand what lies inside, She pretended to waddle from place to place keeping her dreads aside. She learned a lesson for none ever… Read More Bleeding Heart

Part (i)

Words under no circumstances speak; actions certainly reflect, For each step taken ensures noble or remorseful effect. As night falls in despair; left completely single-handedly to suffer, World is too inhuman; occupied with people never think what they utter. They prove themselves to be truthful; masking veiled tales; None to blame but thyself… in silence… Read More Part (i)


I’ve no time to standstill and explore, The ship of life had struggled hard to reach shore; Sometimes I wake up in dark… sweat running down; Miserable fears and nightmares made me drown. Then I see a hand trying to help me through. Let go off the qualms that once grew. I try to reach… Read More Humanity