Perfect as you are

Some people change because they need importance,
They assume it’s meant for better but are you aware.
What I contemplate, you are in ample inadvertence,
Your innocent voice unexpectedly turned into thunder blare.

Stand facing the mirror intend to look into your eyes,
Can you see the same person hidden behind the mask?
Every night a newfangled soul born and old soul dies.
I know it’s not the one I knew its time to unmask.

Your brain is a factory of ideas but it’s you to choose.
I believe your decision would be for finest ending.
Too kind to listen to people but better to follow personal views.
Good times to reveal all the truth; stop pretending.

It’s certainly not immoral to be who the one you really are,
Not one on earth possibly will play your part as you play.
Please return back home for you haven’t travelled far,
Nobody faultless; best in their weird ways for all made of clay.


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