CHAPTER 1: Walk to platform

Every so often we really wish to go far, far away from wherever we reside. We decide to take our own charge without clarifying to anybody, why and what for, we did something. Even if you do, no one’s actually going to understand the reason behind it; instead they’ll turn it into a farther mess. People simply love to sprinkle pepper on your wounds, or somehow taunting you as if you could’ve changed the destiny. If it was so easy I would be the first one to do that. I am completely fed up with people trying to control my life. I am a woman now even my mom says Amanda you’re ready to take your own decisions. But those fitful relatives, would they ever or never learn to mind their own business.
Sunday sunrise, the warmth of the winter sun with the cold breeze kissed my face, when I opened my room’s balcony, as this was the first thing I do in the morning. Got dressed up for university, had to leave by seven because it’s about half hour distance from my district. My mom Susan was sitting on dinning ready with breakfast. She made me toasted bread with jam and boiled eggs, because she’s always concerned about what the three of us eat; me, my brother Henry and my dad John but as I was in hurry, I grabbed an apple and rushed towards door to catch the train because the next train would arrive after an hour. I bid goodbye to my mother saying I’ll get something from the platform to eat. As I opened the door, bless my soul there comes the trouble, my aunt Rosie, why the hell I had to see her face early in the morning.
She’s my father’s sister, a nightmare and unfortunately her nest is next to our house. Don’t understand why in the hell she didn’t get any other accommodation except district seven, and guess what the name of the district is what else ‘Rosie’. This really drives me nuts and I plead every day to shift somewhere beyond her reach. And oh, look who’s sanding there Marry my big-headed cousin, the whole problem is she’s my same age. Did all this disastrous creatures have to land up here only?
I really never feel like greeting her but just for my dad’s sake, forced to behave gently- though she doesn’t deserve it at all. I leaned forward with a smile and hugged her, ‘’hey, auntie what a surprise, today early in the morning. Mom’s all set with breakfast she would be pleased if two people could hop in’’. If she really knew what I meant, I know I am a bit wicked but what to do, looking at her face my mind becomes a nuclear bomb- planning to blow her up. She along with her vicious daughter entered the house and I moved out. I don’t even want to think about the scene she might be creating inside.
What so ever it’s a long way to walk to the platform, so it’s better to catch some music to dodge those pointless thoughts. While I walk to the platform, I always greet Uncle John, a tall skinny blond hair short beard man with a round face, pointed nose; red cheeks, pink lips and oh that wide emerald eyes and looks so handsome even at the age of sixty. I told Aunt Jane, she’s so lucky to have such a noble man. Even she was terrific a fifty five year old women, rose petal lips, round face with a pointed chin and nose, lustrous blue eyes that cast magic if you look deeply and guess what a wrinkle less skin though uncle did have wrinkles.
He runs a stall of sandwiches; you really want to try that- what I say is its even tasty than a five stared hotel’s sandwich. Sometimes I really feel bad for him; he has to run expenses of himself and her wife, besides having a very rich son. Ah! People nowadays really love materialistic things forgetting all the blessings. Feel like changing things and I believe there would come a time.
The platform is just a mile away from uncle john’s stall and I think it’s a best place to run edible stuff. At last I reached the platform; at present to get to the train have to cover sixty additional stair steps, why in the heaven they didn’t get an idea for using an escalator. Besides that there’s no security designed for the tracks; best opportunity for freaking fools to commit suicide. It really makes me wonder, how people can kill them so hard, after I read an article about a young sixteen teenager committing suicide; well no one actually knew why. But people of our world oh! You all know what I mean to say, can never ever mind their business.
At last there approaches the train, I entered the train and as usual Hanna stood welcoming me. She’s my best friend and a classmate. An average height girl with pearly white spotless skin, diamond shaped face, pointed nose, charcoal wavy hair running down the shoulder, dark brown oval eyes with heavy eye lashes. The best thing about her is her personality, she doesn’t open up with all the people but when she does, she would be the most marvelous friend, you can’t even imagine of.
And yes above and beyond all those errors in my life, the best part except my family is Hanna. With Hanna I feel so full of life, forgetting everything that drives me nuts. She lives in district five; we usually visit each other on weekends. Hanna rushed to the door hugged me so tight even tighter than always, ‘you won’t believe what happened today. I’ve been waiting from so long to roar it all out’. I didn’t actually knew why was she so excited, I’ve never seen her so happy before. We both stood leaning on the walls because all seats were occupied ‘Then I suppose my ears can’t hold back to catch the flow of your words’.
She held my hands, ‘You won’t believe Jake literally proposed me last night and today in the morning his dad called my dad and invited us for dinner’. I looked at her face with a wide smile, ‘That’s so amazing, congratulations so I suppose after university, no home we’re going to hang out and yes I won’t miss my treat’. She smiled back with a wink and that shyness, ‘well yes of course today is the best day of my life yet, and if I didn’t spend with you then it’s the worst thing I could do’.


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