Chapter 2: Alchemy

We reached Terrazzo, the town where our university was, it was so named for its stunning floor coverings, carpets and all antique decorations from all over the world. Every now and then I enter the town the first thing strikes my mind is that I’ve entered an ancient place. The town had been constructed on such a beautiful prehistoric theme, maybe that’s why it attracts loads of tourist. Well, source of producing for the government to run the town and the districts.

The university was five minute walk from the platform. And yes, there stands a gigantic pyramid shaped building named Alchemy; well not exactly a real pyramid but you can call it one by its structure, modification and shade. As I already stated every single thing in the town was medieval. Alchemy was so named by a Muslim scientist who along with board members constructed this university about eighty years ago, offering wide range of subjects that include vast field of study on science and finance. It is so well designed with staircase, huge canteens, more than forty five vast spaced classes; now at present age they have reconstructed it with escalators and elevators the best of all, the amphitheatre. Every year we have specific theme this year’s theme was astrophysics.

Well I am science freak and my main subject was genetic engineering. It had been my favourite topic since high school when I first read about genes. At each entrance, nine in total, stood two dangerous security guards, more like wrestlers, for the safety of students and all stuff that lies in the basement where no one except Mr Jacob-our principal at present and few board members have access. The students and teachers were provided with passes that were scanned before anyone can step in, and as for the parents they are never allowed inside besides the principal and teachers discuss all matters regarding their children on web cams.

The technology has totally dominated the world, no wonder why human beings had turn out to be extremely sluggish and more like worthless. As Hana and I step into the door our student identity cards were scanned by the machines fixed to the metallic door frames. The doors at night were protected by lasers, really never figured out the idea behind it all. As we entered Alchemy Jake stood just in the middle of hall beneath the chandelier made of rubies and diamonds; as the light from the windows about twenty of them that are opened only at the time of sunrise and as the sun’s fully risen they shut down all the windows; strike the chandelier, creates a stunning pattern of flowers and extraordinary shapes. Hana walked towards him, he bowed on his knees and offered her a beautiful ring with a small diamond fitted in a small crown moulded on ring. I gazed at them with an extensive smile, ‘This is marvellous way to propose and the spot you chose is awesome, I must say Hana you’re a really lucky girl’.

From the hall ways five staircases and escalators designed in a circular pattern leads to the first floor; the two special elevators that leads to the basement were protected by guards. On the right hand side of the first floor was a huge canteen more like café, just as you step in at right corner coffee dyed round tables with black wooden chairs, comfortable red hot couches four in total placed parallel with coffee tables exact in the middle of canteen, at left corner of the canteen was gaming area that had about fifteen chess boards, seven polo tables, bowling area. Behind the counter was a wide kitchen that’s inspected after every two hours to ensure safety of students and teachers health. The counters were lined with all sorts of starters; donuts, sweets from different regions of the world, cold drink the whole thing free of charge.

On the very left of the first floor were rest rooms and locker rooms- separate for male and females. The most fascinating thing about the lockers- finger scanning passwords; secret spacious study rooms were built for each student behind their lockers. Each study room was well organized with a wooden study table and chair with study lamp in one corner, a huge bookshelf leaning on one of the walls, a computer besides the bookshelf, balcony that gives sea view- seaside behind Alchemy, central air conditioning that senses your body temperature and work accordingly, about four light bulbs on each corner of the room, in the middle of room was spiral staircase that leads to the second and third floor depending upon the field you’ve selected- second floor for finance and third for science. The staircase was built for emergency usage in case you get late for class.

Two escalators from the middle of first floor lead to second floor- the finance study zone. Twenty vast classes for different fields in finance study. One more canteen on right corner not as big as the one on first floor but big enough for students to spend their free class time. The classes were well designed with projectors, computer for professor and for each student attending the class, 3-d method of teaching was used for well understanding. About seven white boards fit behind each another- as first one is filled with ink it’s shifted up to save as much time as possible. The lectures were even recorded and a copy of each lecture was sent to the computers fitted in students private study rooms. The third floor was exactly similar to the second one except five extra classes- four for labs for medical students and one class was abandoned just at the end of corridor no one knows why. Once I tried to sneak out but was caught and suspended for a week; the principal strictly warned me if I ever tried to sneak again I would be expelled.


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