Chapter 3: Getting into trouble

Can’t really forget that drama- my great perfect aunt created. It’s completely okay to be imperfect-imperfection comes into human race by birth. They are born with different nature, personalities and psychology. We all have flaws but if she thinks she’s one on earth then besides she should distant herself from all humans and consider living with angels. But, someone like her can even point out mistake in them. The earth has hidden secret that demand to be discovered. She can’t just simply call me a lunatic, if she doesn’t think that way. We all differ; I have no problem if you consider she perfect. It’s great if she thinks about herself that way; not being offensive, but for once would she please stop looking for her own reflection everywhere. Please make an effort to look what lies within somebody else, they may seem lunatic to you but just one time could you put their thoughts forward and stop criticizing.

The whole problem with all of us is that, we all waddle everywhere looking for change. Still we never look where we all lie. If only we could feel pain on the other side, nobody on this planet is happy, yet some people look beyond imperfections. I know evil resides in all of us; few of us strive to overcome it, we all know nobody’s perfect. On the very day, dad was really upset for the blunder I created and he had to hear all that nonsense from her beloved sister- well she won’t just stop here, some people can’t keep themselves from spreading rumours. She would have never come to know about it if my big headed cousin wasn’t in my university. Well I can’t deny the fact why she’s so high on sky- she’s fair, tall with a round face, pointed nose, cherry lips, oval shaped blue eyes. Half of the boys were after her- she never gives importance to anybody besides George the handsome hunk.

Everyone has got something special and they are blessed with it by nature and nobody has to feel proud about something that fades away with time. And for heaven sake, she stops comparing me with her. There’s no point comparing us when we are two different people. I told my dad sorry about the mess. He wouldn’t have even got mad at me if that evil witch would have preferred minding her own chores. My parents completely understand the kind of person I am. Sometimes I feel even they are bit worried that I don’t get lost in this massive crowd, but in every being there’s a hidden soldier that knows to battle at perfect time. Escaping from responsibilities and mistakes doesn’t build you up instead destroy you further. We are all here to discover reason behind our presence. Not a single human runs the whole world. We all work together to get along and find the right path and nature always leads us to the place where the time and circumstances demands our existence.
Well, my life was going perfect, time stealing every breath of my life-though there were blunders but there’s absolutely nothing harmful in enjoying your life. I entered the genetic lab; the class was going smoothly until something strange happened. I heard a thud sound, beneath my chair and it seemed like no one else noticed. I looked all around but nothing was wrong. After everyone left the lab, the curiosity could hold my steps from moving that chair.

I knocked on those white tiles with a stroke of lilac and bless my soul; the tiles moved leading to some tunnel; didn’t actually know what could lie on the other side. But curiosity is mother of invention so I took a torch from one of the drawer-we usually use it for observing parts of organisms. I was bit frightened but yet had a belief that something interesting might lie there. We all know secret passage ways are not made for amusement. I kept on walking into that wide tunnel till I witnessed a spiral staircase made from glass-just as one in each study rooms; the only difference is the usage of wood for secret rooms. It would be wide of the mark in discovering the truth besides going back.

That staircase led to the abandoned room-somebody was already aware of the secret passage and locked it away from all folks. As I stepped into the room, the lights lit up just like some magic. The flooring of room was made from copper crystals-of course each science student can easily identify it if it’s labelled. The walls made of sapphire crystals and the chandelier hung in the room was made from finely shaped rubies and diamonds. Beneath the chandelier was a wide black hole-maybe entrance to some other mysterious place. A yellow light just as strong as sunlight was being illuminated through that hole. The light was made to fall on mirrors that surround the black hole; mirrors reflected that light to the chandelier, the diamonds in it reflects light to the flooring and the floors to the walls. The whole room was empty except the black hole in the centre.


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