Chapter 4: Unknown Land

I stood watching the black hole, at the same moment someone from behind pushed me inside it. I had no idea where it might lead me. After wandering for too long in the middle of nowhere, at last I bumped into something, didn’t actually know what, but yes it was extremely stiff. I looked beneath to observe whatever it was, and was tremendously amazed, speechless to what my eyes could stare at. It was a gigantic mammoth-species present during the period of ice age and was duple the size of the original one existed during that particular age. It was tough to contemplate, not easy to swallow and stupid enough to think that I’ve cross the threshold to the ice age.

Besides all this awful disaster, I was still confuse and curious to know who pushed me from back. Well not exactly disaster but more like adventure, things lying ahead might turn out to be a lot risky, dangerous and treacherous or might be a complete opposite. Well, maybe this is the road that would lead me to the place where I belong, revealing and writing, unopened and unwritten chapters of my book that needs completion before a perfect or remorse end. The thoughts, fears and suspiciousness were crashing my mind just like waves hit the banks and the whole land gets flooded.

My stomach was grumbling like the mammoths having a party down there. I just saw a dragon fruit hanging to one of the branches of a huge tree, though it was hard to grab but hunger forced me to make an impossible task possible, well yes, the small stone helped me too for a perfect hit. I was about to nibble, but I heard someone saying, ‘don’t eat that thing dear one, its poisoned’. Holy cricket you won’t believe a tree just spoke to me. This place was turning out wired than I assumed. That tree just offers its other branch with fruit hung on it saying, ‘perhaps this won’t be of any harm and you can sit in my shade and I promise I won’t bite’. Hunger forced me to believe that tree and nibble that fruit as quick as possible. If someone out there really got to know that I just spoke to a tree they’ll die laughing.

Conversing with someone though it was a tree after a long time was amusing; the sky swallowed the sun giving birth to the moon and million sparkling stars made a perfect roof. Mr. White covered me in his elongated branches to keep me warmed and I fell asleep while listening to the beautiful song sung by the crashing of waves in the sea, the cold blowing wind and small chirping insects. Someday life would put me in a situation of falling in love with it—never thought of it. Though I was scared, but on the other hand I felt protected as if someone was guarding me all the way. With the first ray of sunlight I arose from the ground, stretched myself and looked around for some water to clean myself and was amazed to see breakfast lying on a small mat. The smell of the crunchy toast, the brown colour of the coffee and the fragrance of the fruits really made the day. I wonder where in the heaven this all came from or it just fell from sky like meteors, but there was not enough time to think as I was hungry. After settling my stomach I approached Mr. White and was drove out of senses after the dragon fruits suddenly transformed into roses.

I was about to question Mr. White regarding the transformation that befell within a single night. Mr. White offered the branch with just a single rose and requested me to pick that up. I followed his command, Mr. White pointed towards the rose and turned away his face located at the bottom of bark saying, ‘dear one this rose is alone, just own its own, but loneliness doesn’t affect its beauty and yes, don’t forget about the thorns around those beautiful petal, everything that’s beautiful has some flaws and everything that’s ugly has something beautiful. It all depends upon you the light; love and goodness that you have hidden inside yourself that would help you to turn stones into human. It all depends on how you ruminate and act upon the situation that you have been put into. And always remember, your heart will always help you choose what’s right just listen to what it says’. Whatever he said would have some hidden meaning that I might not understand now but maybe later I would appreciate him for his advice. The wise ones never waste there words.


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