Chapter 5: Secret behind Nightmares

That fascinating beautiful rose again turned into a dragon fruit with in a blink of an eye. I questioned him, ‘’what is happening around here how did a fruit turned to flower and then back to fruit.’’ Probably this whole mess have affected my brain as well but that was barely possible, because otherwise Mr. White won’t call it a rose. ‘’Dear one, things every now and then do not appear as they are, but they remain what they are, yet they seem to you as you see them as they stand, still you would never understand what they are’’, he said staring continuously at the fruit I held within my palm. He looked at sky and murmured, ‘‘we never did really belong anywhere, neither had we wished to stay somewhere, nor did we accept to shelter in a single place. All we ever wanted is to find myself, the place where our soul would prefer to be. Maybe this is the place where your soul would reveal who really you are’’.

I really had no idea about how he got to know what I had been thinking and wondering from years. He suggested me to continue my journey in order to find a way back because the place I entered this land won’t take me back to where I actually belong. it was hard to move on without even knowing what lies ahead, sometimes it’s good to walk with the forces of universe and listen to what the heart says. Mr. White bowed down and whispered into my ears, ‘’just follow the forces of this universe, they will give you strength, courage and power beyond that you might think rests deep inside you. They will also guide you and reveal paths, but listen and take note of what I say now, choose wisely and carefully for you might never get another chance and once you lose something no matter how hard you try, even all the forces great and powerful don’t hold enough authority to change what had happened’’.

It’s really tough to leave behind someone your heart gets attached to, yet life demands sacrifices. Second ago everything seemed okay, but now I had nowhere to go. Besides that long endless road and green creepy tress around nothing else seemed to exist. Ah! At last, I could again see that bright light- one I saw before leaping into the hole. My vision was getting blurred; I couldn’t stand that strength of light, and began to hear voices, they sound familiar to me. Just a fraction later I could see some images appearing in my vision. According to old sayings the past never leaves you alone, maybe that’s how it is because it was my nightmare that had been following me since age of twelve until I turned nineteen. Those images and voices passed away with the wind. There was someone unknown with those images, he moved towards me and whispered into my ears, a tall fair black hair man, pointed nose, oval shaped face, dark brown eyes under heavy black eyelashes and small hair covering his chin. The voice was like a beautiful rhythm and I felt him moving in and out of my body as if he touched my soul, ‘’Amanda just walk and follow the red star and don’t worry my soul’s always protecting you, you just have to trust me, I promise to never disappoint you and my masters.’’

I actually never trusted people too easily, but don’t know why my heart forced me to trust him blindly. Finding a red star in between those million sparkling stars above was quite a tough task. A red sparkling star appeared in front of my eyes, it wasn’t actually a star, rather a tiny red bee. ‘’So Miss Amanda, are you ready for the ride?’’ Heavens! Couldn’t believe my ears, it just spoke to me. The earth moved away beneath my feet, and I landed over some weird creature, it looked more like a flying elephant. Wow, what else could go wrong, it was an elephant flying with ears that were modified into wings over his back, the trunk besides in front was its tail behind its back, it even had spikes over its body just like dragon and sprayed water instead of fire. This spine-chilling land and creatures don’t like to see my soul rest in my body. I just wanted to scream out loud, but preferred controlling my emotions and pretended as if it was just a dream. ‘’Hold tight Miss Amanda, we have a long way to go and Jess won’t leave you in the middle’’, it just told me its name. Oh god! Please protect me; this was all I wished as for now.

Jess continued his flight for quite a long time and all I could see was nothing but darkness, I wonder how he knew where he was going, though he was following that red bee or red star whatever it was. ‘’We have reached the aisle to Watfire valley,’ he said in excitement and landed over something and he turned into a perfectly normal elephant. At last I stepped on earth and was quite amazed to see such a beautiful flora and fauna. All I could see were huge palm trees on sides with hanging dates; above the dates were small diamonds and each diamond held a minute pearl. As I moved further I saw two waterfalls that interconnect at the bottom though it was thousand miles away from where I stood and besides that waterfall was a huge palace- I was curious to see who really lived there. I never knew my sight was that good? And what the hell was I dressed into, a watery gown- completely transparent and yet I couldn’t see any of my body parts and my long brown hair grew even longer into a braid with small rubies in each section. The whole place was decorated with jewels and diamonds.

‘’I won’t be able to walk along, from here onwards you need to find your own way, I hope you remember an old advice, if you know what I mean’, Jess said and disappeared and that red star walked along with Jess giving me a ring made of gold with ruby fixed in it. I wore that ring and decided to move on, as per now I was even eager to know where my destiny wishes to take me. I walked for about a mile looking at beautiful short and long tress with different fruits, well some of those fruits had their leaves made of sapphire and some had its stalk made of moonstone crystals. At least I had knowledge of those stones, for now I could thank Aunt Rosie for something because her husband worked in a jewellery shop which she forced me to visit once. After walking for too long I reached a river and inside that river was two boats made of coal and rowers were made of wood. I wonder how this coal didn’t sink.

‘Don’t think too much, there’s no time left to waste’, a bird of ice circling around my head said. I didn’t actually figured out what was he pointing to. ‘Walk forward and as you step in river, two scrolls would appear choose the right one if you are wise enough and that will help you cross’, he said and disappeared. Would it be wise enough to trust that bird, well what I understood is that they want me to reach there no matter what. I stepped into water it was cold and warm at the same time, which was quite weird. As the bird stated two scrolls appeared hanging in the air made of huge green leaf- not actually scrolls just leaves rolled like scrolls. Over one of them the words were written with water and over another with black ink. That was pretty confusing, it was more like a riddle to solve, the words written with water were ‘I might burn turn into ash and burn you along with me, I give up smoke and its excess won’t let you breath, you get me nowhere but from yourself if you know what I really mean’, on other scroll with black ink had same sentences except ‘you cut me down, you kill me every day and I still listen to what you say’. It was clear that the first was coal and second was wood because it had words cut me down. The real question was which scroll and boat I should choose.

I chose the second scroll and the first boat, as I stepped into the boat the river of water turned into fire and the coal began to burn, the rowers were made of wood and caught fire. I had no way out and didn’t actually know what to do. I was too scared and completely hopeless, just as I was figuring what to do that same handsome man appeared, ‘’miss Amanda you should have chosen the water scroll as you were going to travel in water and as the riddle was about coal it would turn into wood, the coal boats were just for confusion because the boat would turn into wood as you carry the right scroll into them,’’ he stated with a helpless expression. ‘’as for now I can’t help you, but yes I can give you a suggestion if you travel faster you will reach a spot where dragon sleeps just jump over it and say ‘nentorania’ it will help you’’, he said and vanished into air. Sometimes it’s not good to be over confident, now suffer what you have put yourself into and keep going and started rowing the boat. It was getting hot because the coal was burning quickly, I wonder where that spot was because the bottom had already caught fire and soon it would reach to top.


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