Chapter 6: The Three Crowns

I rowed the boat as quick as possible. A dragon with blue horns and nose with a red scaly body and black feathery wings in a deep slumber was lying on a huge black rock and was quite far from where I stood. I yelled out nentorania so at least he could hear my voice and come for help. After hearing my call that dragon woke up and swam into fire, that sight gave me goose bumps. ‘Forty years I have been sleeping; no one had ever dared to cross except the guy named Drake but unfortunately the sea swallowed him because he didn’t know the spell. I wonder who must have told you, but what so ever I would have to help you or else the sea would swallow me as you are my master and it’s my duty to help you, jump over my back’, the dragon said. ‘Don’t be too curious Miss Amanda; I am Fierce the dragon of fire and your spell forced the fire flower to spill nectar on my horns that broke my beauty sleep’.

He was swimming in fire just like fish swims in water; he reached near a blue stone and asked me to step on it and someone would carry me from here to the castle. I stepped on the stone and thanked; he swam back to where he came from. The blue stone itself turned into a bride over a fiery river and a white unicorn walked over it. It bowed down so I could step on its back. The bride was surrounded by rose flowers with white crystals on each of the petals. The unicorn continued its walk peacefully and just as it reached the castle, bowed again. They lowered the bridge of castle that connects the river with castle. I walked over that wooden bridge; a dwarf with white wings, green leaf like ears, red eyes with a round nose and face welcomed me and held my hand. The castle looked medieval, the walls were made of bricks with wooden doors, and the window frames were made of brass or copper with glass fitted in. On the right corner was spiral staircase lined with a red carpet, the dwarf walked over it.

It was getting darker but suddenly there was bright light and we both entered into it. I couldn’t believe my eyes just a minute ago the castle looked horrible but now all around were huge white pillars with lamps made of crystal, beneath the lamps were two swords crossed over each other and in the bottom of that he room was huge chandelier. It was exactly the same chandelier from the university’s hall, well that was pretty awkward. I walked further, there were few steps and just above the steps were three thrones: ice, water and fire. I wonder who ruled this land—as in there was no other being. Somebody held my shoulder from back, I startled, ‘I am sorry I didn’t mean scare you, I am glad you have reached here safe and sound,’ that same person who has been helping me stated and walked away. Three other old, tall and skinny, with oval shaped face, pointed nose, long beard and crowned people stood beside him, they all looked similar except the crown that they wore and colour of their eyes, a crown of ice with rubies having red eyes, a crown of water with diamonds having blue eyes and the last one wore a crown of fire with dark black eyes, ‘’we were expecting your presence Miss Amanda and we are proud Drake haven’t failed us,’’ the old man with crown of water said and walked towards me.

‘’I am aware dear that you might not know who Drake actually is, I know it will sound stupid but it is the truth and you have to believe it. Every so often when a pair is created, their souls are connected to each other; it is what we believe in our world. Just as all other beings you were created from Drake’s ribs, he landed up here to help us about forty years ago and that would be four years in your world. He didn’t die but forced to live worse life than death, he couldn’t bear the pain so we somehow freed his soul, his body’s been captured and only you can release him, just a drop of your blood will break the spell and free him. I hope you remember the nightmares you had; they were signals from Drake’s soul as nobody except you could free him. He came here to help us but got captured by Jason,’’ that old man said but the one with ice crown told him to stop as according to him, I shouldn’t know the rest.

That was ridiculous, I have never met Drake and neither have we crossed each other’s paths before. There was no doubt he was extremely handsome, but that doesn’t mean I would simply believe a foretold tale. That old man stated he entered here four years ago and at that time I was fifteen and yes, my nightmares began from the time I turned twelve, but Drake didn’t look too old. As one riddle gets solved another awaits just a step ahead. Probably I should ask that old man, ‘I am sorry, I didn’t mean to spy but I can’t help it, and I have read all your thoughts. We completely understand your concern and may be this is the time we should tell you the truth. Drake wasn’t meant to save us it was actually you. We visited both of you but that time you were just twelve but Drake was sixteen, well you don’t expect us to tell him everything that time even he was a kid by then. But when you turned fifteen he was nineteen and had enough wisdom to understand what we meant to say. He agreed to risk his life on your behalf. You don’t actually know but he was your neighbour and he secretly loved you. Nobody could really explain what it means but yes, it makes an unbreakable bond, a connection between two hearts and soul even though you remain unaware’, third old man with a fire crown mentioned while circling around me.

Drake didn’t state a word but was continuously looking at me with those round brown gleaming eyes. I just wonder how somebody could love someone without letting the other person notice. Maybe that’s why my heart believed him even though my mind was resisting trusting him. The real problem was how I would be able to save him. There was a monsoon of questions arising in my mind and how I am I supposed to help these people. I didn’t even know who actually they were, or were they even real. This other world was driving me nuts, and why Jason was behind both of us. We meant him no harm; these people needed our help that’s all. Drake walked towards me and believe me whenever he comes near I lose my senses, maybe that old folk was right there was some connection that I never understood. I just couldn’t stop looking at him, it’s like I just sit still and watch just him and the whole time pass that way.

My life back there was better than what I have landed into, it’s so damn true none of the human being is glad with what they own until and unless they lose it. Drake stopped in front of me, looked into my eyes and said, ‘’I never wanted to put you into trouble, I tried my best but there was nothing I could do to save myself’’. He seemed to be a nice guy because in today’s world nobody cares about someone that much and definitely won’t risk their live for others. I have got to help him; maybe this is not the time to be selfish at least not for somebody so selfless. As Drake was looking at me that same unicorn stopped besides us and he asked me, ‘Amanda we have got to hurry, Jason’s up to something and soon he will destroy my body we have time until dawn’. ‘’Are you serious about that then what have we been doing here and why didn’t you call me sooner’’, I told him and sat upon the unicorn. ‘You won’t understand’, he paused, ‘maybe we should get going’, he said and looked down. It was hard to believe that somebody out there love me more than me, well that was pretty impossible because sometimes it’s not good to trust words. But then eyes don’t lie, they say it’s a mirror to heart and his eyes didn’t lie.

We went out of the castle, but he used another exit—somewhere a the other end of castle. We entered into a forest; the whole area was surrounded by dark green leafy tress. That unicorn kept moving and Drake was following, I had to ask so many things, I didn’t know how to begin and maybe this wasn’t the right time. But I couldn’t shut off, I turned back and called him out, ‘Look, I know this is not the right time but honestly it’s freaking me out, how could you possibly know me while I haven’t seen you before and that old man said you were my neighbour, I mean honestly somebody lived so near to my house and I never even noticed and someone like you—someone who secretly loved me and cared so much without even letting me notice’. He looked at me and answered softly, ‘I stood there all the time while you played in the lawn, the times you stood in balcony, times you rode bicycle, times you cried looking at the sky, I stood there all along—away still near, known still unknown’. He moved closer and whispered into my ears, ‘Love has to be pure, it doesn’t demand anything in return neither does it know to take by force but it knows giving even you get emptied with each moment but that emptiness completes the giver in a way that nobody understands’.


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