Chapter 7: Rise of Demons

Every word spelled out of his mouth cast an unknown magic. ‘’look out’’, he shouted and pushed me away. He began to breathe heavily and stood like a rigid wall in front of me. A black gigantic winged monster stood above our heads, it had enormous fangs with a wide mouth, dark blue eyes and black scaly slimy body. He put forth his huge claws to attack Drake who was completely arm less, but he took out a small crystal ball from his right pocket that suddenly turned into a glistening sword. The bright light of the sword made the monster restless and it tried to make a fine escape. Drake stretched his hands in the air, jumped and plunged the sword into that monster; it burned giving away smoke and ash. I questioned Drake‘’who was he, why was he attacking us?’’ but he refused to answer giving me an angry look. That was quite rude; still the reason behind his annoyance was understood. He seemed tensed and worried, within hustle bustle looking around as if there was somebody else waiting for welcoming us—ready for delicious feast.
Drake looked extremely nervous and sputtered ‘’Amanda he knows we are approaching him and if I am not wrong he’ll do anything to stop us from getting there’’. Definitely he was pointing towards Jason, its better if I don’t ask him any sort of stupid questions. The circumstances and situation were getting awful; nonetheless he was not in a condition to explain. He bowed on his knees leaning on the sword and nagged ‘’ I tried to explain them, risking your life won’t make anything better, instead the things got worse, the demon have awaken’’. I pushed Jason from behind and yelled out, ‘’okay, I wasn’t going to bother you before but would anyone tell me what’s going on here’’.
‘’Amanda this is not the right time for any sort of arguments,’’ he paused, ‘’they can sense your vibrations, could be anyplace lying hidden behind the tress, beneath us, above in the sky or maybe in water, anywhere’’, he mentioned and requested me ride over the unicorn again. At times all that jazz he mentions drifts over my head. Nonetheless the creepy looking tress, the darkness all around and the hidden monster waiting, was giving me nervous breakdown.
The itchiness and pain over my neck forced me to scratch it; while I was about to touch my neck Drake held my hand and told me to say still. He leaned forward and hit it really hard and heaved that thing away. I stared at Drake giving an eerie look and asked, ‘’ is there any explanation or still you prefer to remain quiet’’. He nodded his head and said, ‘’ no, no I do… have an explanation, ah! Well it was just a tiny snake’’. ‘’a snake! You call it a tiny thing. I swear if we get out of this mess, you won’t be seen the other day,’’ I screamed at him. Drake burst into laugh and said, ‘’killing me won’t be worth it, no way, and I wouldn’t explain you why because those eyes already explained everything and would speak to you too if you look into the mirror’’. Alright, my feelings have developed in a bundle and somehow I fell for him.
The unicorn in some way got restless; it jerked me on the ground and sprinted away. ‘’before the list of questions begin, the unicorn ran away because it wouldn’t carry on with us anymore because Jason’s land is forbidden for all creatures of Watfire valley. Perhaps now you understand why they asked for our help’’, he specified with raised eyebrows. Avenging these creatures may not benefit Jason, some way or the other he’ll pay back for what he had plotted. Definitely the plot he created meant something—he had a great disastrous plan for their destruction.
‘’Amanda they wouldn’t be able to hear me, but your footsteps could be heard and felt by the monster. It would be better if you remove them and wear these slippers’’, said Drake. I refused to have them and uttered ‘’ are you serious, you want me to wear these leafy slippers you took out from your pocket. I wonder how they fit in’’. ‘’would you ever or never stop arguing,’’ he pleaded. I wore those slippers without stating any word because already my foolishness had got us into great chaos.
The unicorn had already deceived; just wonder the amount of distance I would have to cover. Drake’s behavior was increasing my anxiety to great extent. He even refuses to share his feelings; the only bad quality I have noticed so far is his anger.


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