Chapter 8: Jason’s Creation

Things would have been better, if besides following my curiosity I would have listened to my brain. But, then on the other hand meeting Drake was impossible. Life never goes the way we plan, situations change because we don’t hold enough power and complete knowledge of everything. Drake’s eyes were filled with tears, as I looked at him he turned his head away. Not again because this time I won’t leave him until he answers my questions. He shouldn’t be so harsh to himself.

      I tried holding his shoulder, but it was just his soul, yet he looked at me and I asked him, ‘’I know you don’t want to share anything but perhaps it will lower the burden on your heart.’’ He stopped and stared at me and answered, ‘’Amanda, I have been hiding a truth from you and that was bugging me whole way. Maybe I should tell you now. Jason have killed you parents just like he killed mine and he forced your younger brother to become his slave’’. I was completely speechless and burst into tears. ‘’ Amanda listen this is not the time to lose your strength. I didn’t want you to know still I couldn’t hide it’’, He said.

      I lost my consciousness, it seemed like I have lost every single thing. Never thought destiny could play such a dirty trick. My hatred for Jason increased in abundance. Drake mentioned just as he killed mine, but why didn’t he tell me that before. At least I could’ve warned my parents or there would have been some other way. I yelled at Drake, ‘’ If you knew this was going to happen then why didn’t you inform me before. You were lying whole way that you were protecting me no, you were not you were just too selfish’’.

      ‘’ I just wish things would have been other way, nothing was in my hand. You were unaware Amanda just as we enter Watfire valley, the guard monsters inform Jason about it and then the monster on his command destroy everyone close to that person. The old men tried everything to save your parents but Jason’s far more strong than them’’, said Drake.

       He paused for a moment and then stated, ‘’ I think it’s time you should know about Jason, the people of throne created Jason with magical spells against the laws of universe. They thought him everything that should be thought to a saviour but when evil hunts down somebody nothing can guide that person. This is how an angel turned out to be a devil. He used their method, skill and knowledge to destroy ones who created him. Maybe that is the reason every wise man advise others to not play with laws of nature.  Jason considered himself to be superior over them and demanded to create more of his race else nothing could stop their destruction. The people of throne decided to abandon him and hid all the people behind a huge magical wall beneath the water. They all have been living there since ages and Jason was unaware, but somehow he discovered their location through a traitor. Nobody knows about him and he is hidden within them. The people of this valley are superior to human like us because they have special powers. But their powers were all useless against Jason.  Everybody had some weakness and the old men who created him were aware about that so they called for our help.’’

       If the people of throne were so strong then what could have been the purpose behind their creation. Drake mentioned that all people of this valley have special powers then why did they need the saviour. There might be something—a danger that only those old men were aware of. Perhaps Drake knows about it. May be that’s why he seems worried all the time. He told me most of the things but not everything.


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