The other side of truth (chapter 1)

     At hand she stood all by herself with none above and beyond to listen what she ought to say. They gave their opinions but not a soul listened that unheard voice captured between those lips—they gazed and laughed at poor solitary being, standing amongst folks who believe in what they see. And yet she tried but was dismissed badly.

     Life is loaded with sacrifices, it takes away more than what it provides. Roses do bloom but besides its beauty the thorns remain on the stalk. Time could heal scars but never restore what had been lost. No one ever dares to peek behind those shut curtains of life covering countless exotic things. Everyone remains wiped out in massive crowd of people veiling million untold secrets. They carry out strike with days that pass hour by hour.

     Sometimes what we assume is not actually what others reflect, as it’s just the other side of what they hide. Within the depths of the earth she breathed, yet her thoughts were different than what others thought. Most of the times she was abused and insulted—just because their morals doesn’t meet hers.

     It wasn’t her fault because every person who thought a different way was titled a fool. She didn’t want them to be her, but all she wanted them to be true to their own selves. Things would probably be he other way if they were just true to themselves.


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