The other side of truth (chapter 2)

Dark shadows do never leave you aside they know much more about you than you know about yourself. They reside within you, maybe deeper than blood that runs down your vessels. Probably being gentle wasn’t always that easy because everybeing that you meet either day has other side–a furious side.
      Jane wasn’t actually looking for a thing in particular but what she demanded was to let them meet who they really are and what could they be turned into. She’s been working on all beings phsycology and all she understood was mysterious than the outcome that was hypothised before.
      Jane wasn’t actually a phsycologist but rather she was blessed to read all beings mind either human, animal or creatures unseen. Sometimes she was badly abused by people or considered an epic fool.
Jane was an orphan her parents died when she was just ten years old but she was left out with great wealth and her honest caretaker named Alisha. She’s been serving them since Jane was a little child and even now at the age of forty she looked like a young maiden. Alisha didn’t get married and served Jane her whole life. She actually had someone special in her life named George who’s been waiting for Alisha since today. But, Alisha promised that untill jane turned eighteen and all her wealth gets transferred under her name; she won’t leave her alone. Sometimes Jane didn’t like it and considered herself to be a burden on Alisha’s life.


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