bad always comes with hidden good

Rush towards happiness, then why don’t you run for pain,
Cry for what you had lost,then why don’t you weep for gain.
Could easily learn to hate, then why don’t you learn to love forever,
Assume world’s full of fools, then why do you call yourself clever.


truth about life

If I was to make a fine escape, I would go somewhere and never return,
What if I have lost all the chances, someday it would be my turn,
On a single tree blossoms bloom, some too early yet some late,
Some say everything’s in our hands, some say just believe in fate.

If getting what we want was so easy then the whole world would have stepped on moon,
But believe me, everyone out there, not every child born holds a silver spoon.
Trees stands tall yet the force of wind makes them bow,
For the ones on earth could harm you as much as you allow.

The boats were always meant for sailing in the sea,
But don’t forget a small seed soon turns into a huge tree.
There is a reason behind everything that occurs either it might be unexplainable,
You don’t need a huge rock to break the glass, but just a small pebble.

Masked beasts

Speak a little, little do say,                                           
free today, but tomorrow’s prey.
Hide the truth, or hide from truth,
Believe yourself, yet not the youth.

Comfort is less, though the pain more,
Bitter fruit dipped within sour.
Darkened room; just a ray of light,
Life’s sweet, bitter, sour cake, just take a bite.

Build with clay ; a small journey but long way,
Its never forever home to stay.
Do good for good passes hand to hand,
If you can’t build, don’t destroy mother land.