Tales of times

There comes a time of tales that shatter your world for a while,
This world is not a place of peace in silence rests the wild.
Erase the scars of the past, but don’t forget what you learned,
There rests a road to take you ahead; but loved one don’t forget the turn.
If the lines on palm described destiny, just think cutting off would change what’s forth,
No sire, you don’t mean too much, for the evil beasts you are of no worth.
Just walk with me and hear what I say, I hold mysteries on the go,
The sky shivers and the earth cries for hidden truth you never know.


is this what we are

This life is too small, so give it your all,
For you and I are actors playing different roles,
Raise yourself up high to the sky,
Let the world remember you even if you die.

Breath to live, don’t let the life take breadths,
Search for the goods, don’t fear the depths.
Hold on tight, for there’s too long flight,
Let’s look for treasure hidden beyond your sights.

Free yourself for your soul needs rest,
Choose what’s right or either choose what’s best.
Discover where you belong before it takes too long,
If you don’t think me to be right then why do you consider me wrong.