Mystery of bones

For she’s a flickering flame,don’t touch ; let her burn,
Don’t try to be her master, for what you know she already learned.
She’s a fire holding a heart so dead; so very cold,
For it would take a little longer for wounds to heal that are too old.

Neither a burning sun or a shining moon,
She’s is just the bright sky of noon.
Fighting soul with bag of bones,
How would the world be like if you had own clones.


Lost Days

Feel the pain, no sire; no more,
Every seconds getting day by day sour.
It’s running as I never planned,
Time is slipping off my hand.
I stand here with bundle of regrets,
And though I try, yet never forget.
Soon there’ll be a chance to make amend,
Broken hearts will some how mend.
I can’t breath anymore I am drowning,
Yet no response, but just frowning.
Was it my fault, or was it you to blame,
For if this is stage, than play a fair game