Masked Beauty

Love the thousand stars, so as they fill the sky but don’t forget their is moon that gives them its light.
Love the wind that blows, but don’t forget the silent danger that is invisible to human sight.
Love the tress that stand tall, but don’t forget the deadliest and beautiful creatures they hold,
Love the water waves, but don’t forget they cause disaster if strongly they rolled,

For beauty come with danger and flaws,
There even reside monster with no huge jaws.
Life is a mirror, reflect as angel or a seth,
For if you wish to live happily, if you believe in life after death.

What if each deed done caused a mark on your face,
I bet you won’t find any hiding place.
If you can’t walk on footsteps of the ones who were right,
Kill the demon inside you, it’s your own fight.


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