The other side of truth (chapter 3)

It all takes a second to create or destroy someone. Jane had been destructed million times still she stood in her own shadow ready to face the chances that life brings. Sometimes we are not successful in getting what we had been running after. Most of them consider life a theatre and themselves as characters playing role; but when we learn about reality the poor innocent heart gets shattered into infinite pieces. She had been running after her goals without even understanding what she left behind and now a single flashback reminds her of broken people left behind on her way to fake happiness. 

Jane never told Alisha whatever she had been carrying in her heart. Somewhere Jane knew that she was responsible for her parents and grandmothers death, though Alisha never stated anything about her background. Jane was still too young to take all burden on her shoulder; so Alisha’s been hiding that bitter truth. Alisha was yet aware that she would have been blessed with same power that her mother was blessed with. 

Jane recently had encounter with a very strange person who visited her few days back. Though she wasn’t sure whether was that a dream or reality. He told Jane about a strange box that was dug by her parents on an island which was located five hundred miles away from her home. He told Jane that box contains something that will lead Jane to her reality; it will help her to find answer to unanswerable questions. 



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