Fool to be wise

They say not to teach the wise, don’t you realize he’s still learning,
Don’t try to throw water in that flame; the one constantly burning.
Walk on the rhythm if you don’t understand the notes,
For if you can’t trust your plans, believe on what destiny plots.

Trust you reflection for shadow may leave you when in darkness,
For never give the same back; if you are treated with harshness.
World if beautiful place filled with terrors and adventures; explore,
If you need to be heard, don’t squeak roar as lion roars.






Petals with thornes

I thought, the love would be same,
For there would be no fears to tame.
Just thought there won’t be lies,
Just thought my souls would no longer fright.
Would it be good enough if you knew me little more.
Though you might never understand what I did; what for.

Yes I fear, not the truth but the masked lies,
Just if you knew truth is bond; just strong knot that two ties.
May you live in your fears, don’t judge what you may not know,
Let the heart love you for you; don’t Force hatred to grow.
Just if you asked, why would I not offer you my soul,
Why would I blame an innocent, when the one I trust is foul.



Live for what you may…..

I am a shadow, can be seen; never caught,
Leaving footsteps on every corner of mother land,
Looking for precious treasure; what treasures to sought,
Desire money, precious things or love; do desire what,
Breath is never promised forever it’s slipping off hands as sand.

May my ego reach the sky; just a second and their I bid goodbye,
All was sent here, yet never promised an eternal life to live,
Will be gone as a passing wind; just wish someone would sigh,
Why regret when something’s gone; just treasure till you hold on,
Wish the heart was good enough they way it kept hate; it forgives.