Drive Through Edge

No one knows where to begin, yet none discover where to end,
It’s a simple life; stay awake, don’t ride it through the bends.
Walk straight with heads up; little stumbled stop and hold,
Yet an additional day; discover strong suit you behold.

Sweet one don’t hide behind a night and shining armour,
For a foolish man may not be fool; may he be wiser far more.
Act when you be acquainted with how one would react,
World is round; personal reflection is what you at all times attract.



Rest in peace O’ beloved one,
For no one cares you are tomorrow’s rising sun,
They carry blooded corpses each day,
No one’s there to hear their silent pray.

Innocent mind, innocent hearts; lie ripped and torn apart,
For social status matters more, walking dead with stone heart.
None bother as you not so close so dear,
Be proud you loose life in battle field; they die each day with inner fear.

Bloom in the darkness

How long do you think holding yourself back would help,
Would it be wiser to let the person feel the same way felt.
Sometimes all that you need is just a small confession,
You yourself are responsible for being in that situation.

They can captivate you; yet can’t cut your wings,
Don’t wait for someone to show you light, choose what life brings.
Few plants even survive, no matter in what situation throughout the year,
They deal bravely with all come across none the less what they bear.





Fight of survival

Travel the world, for may you know what you not,
You’ve been given an empty bucket, it’s you to sought.
Honour your self-respect, don’t encourage self satisfaction,
Spit words, they echo back; never turn into actions.

Breeds of different kinds, races to be better than one another,
Physical killing’s considered crime; how about emotional murder.
The wounds bleed; yet the blood doesn’t appear,
They promise to be there in darkness; at time just disappear.



Fool to be wise

They say not to teach the wise, don’t you realize he’s still learning,
Don’t try to throw water in that flame; the one constantly burning.
Walk on the rhythm if you don’t understand the notes,
For if you can’t trust your plans, believe on what destiny plots.

Trust you reflection for shadow may leave you when in darkness,
For never give the same back; if you are treated with harshness.
World if beautiful place filled with terrors and adventures; explore,
If you need to be heard, don’t squeak roar as lion roars.





Petals with thornes

I thought, the love would be same,
For there would be no fears to tame.
Just thought there won’t be lies,
Just thought my souls would no longer fright.
Would it be good enough if you knew me little more.
Though you might never understand what I did; what for.

Yes I fear, not the truth but the masked lies,
Just if you knew truth is bond; just strong knot that two ties.
May you live in your fears, don’t judge what you may not know,
Let the heart love you for you; don’t Force hatred to grow.
Just if you asked, why would I not offer you my soul,
Why would I blame an innocent, when the one I trust is foul.



Live for what you may…..

I am a shadow, can be seen; never caught,
Leaving footsteps on every corner of mother land,
Looking for precious treasure; what treasures to sought,
Desire money, precious things or love; do desire what,
Breath is never promised forever it’s slipping off hands as sand.

May my ego reach the sky; just a second and their I bid goodbye,
All was sent here, yet never promised an eternal life to live,
Will be gone as a passing wind; just wish someone would sigh,
Why regret when something’s gone; just treasure till you hold on,
Wish the heart was good enough they way it kept hate; it forgives.

River of time

Either ways you turn hour glass; sand looses never,

No matter how much you heal wounds, scars remain forever.

You hold a book of blank pages, write whatever you may will,

Pour water wherever you wish; it never rests still.

Think thoughts, dream the dreams, don’t demand to fulfil.


Heart beats the same way, yet feelings always differ,

Dear one it’s all round , sometimes comfort sometimes suffer.

Tell me white lies with million shades; shades I may not know,

Everything stops at one point, no matter how fast it may fro,

It all comes back,  think wise what away you throw.

Bonds of love

I thought my actions were strong enough to let him know what I feel,

It’s always easily to give great wounds, yet always hard to heal.

Tsunamis never destroy you; questions are daggers even worse,

If I couldn’t be your angel,  at least don’t let me be your curse.


I might wander the whole world, but my destiny leads me to you,

If you doubt the whole world, never doubt the love so true.

I would never promise a garden of happiness, nor bunch of pain,

Think my love to be just; yet people who love are never sane.


If waves could measure the extent, I will ask them to spread far,

The depth of our love would even fade the brightness in cluster of stars.

Your arms is the only home where my comfort resides,

The bond between our soul; the place where peace hides.

Change before change

I don’t hear the leaves rustle, no sire, no more,

Living in the world of silence; what for.

Stars that used to twinkle once, simply disappeared,

Hold your hand when you’re strong; leaving you alone in fear. 


Demanding other to be honest, dipped within lies,

Loved one time never stop; just in a blink it flies.

Speak when you know the words hold meaning,

Trying to dust others house while own’s not cleaning.