Chapter 7: Rise of Demons

Every word spelled out of his mouth cast an unknown magic. ‘’look out’’, he shouted and pushed me away. He began to breathe heavily and stood like a rigid wall in front of me. A black gigantic winged monster stood above our heads, it had enormous fangs with a wide mouth, dark blue eyes and black scaly slimy body. He put forth his huge claws to attack Drake who was completely arm less, but he took out a small crystal ball from his right pocket that suddenly turned into a glistening sword. The bright light of the sword made the monster restless and it tried to make a fine escape. Drake stretched his hands in the air, jumped and plunged the sword into that monster; it burned giving away smoke and ash. I questioned Drake‘’who was he, why was he attacking us?’’ but he refused to answer giving me an angry look. That was quite rude; still the reason behind his annoyance was understood. He seemed tensed and worried, within hustle bustle looking around as if there was somebody else waiting for welcoming us—ready for delicious feast.
Drake looked extremely nervous and sputtered ‘’Amanda he knows we are approaching him and if I am not wrong he’ll do anything to stop us from getting there’’. Definitely he was pointing towards Jason, its better if I don’t ask him any sort of stupid questions. The circumstances and situation were getting awful; nonetheless he was not in a condition to explain. He bowed on his knees leaning on the sword and nagged ‘’ I tried to explain them, risking your life won’t make anything better, instead the things got worse, the demon have awaken’’. I pushed Jason from behind and yelled out, ‘’okay, I wasn’t going to bother you before but would anyone tell me what’s going on here’’.
‘’Amanda this is not the right time for any sort of arguments,’’ he paused, ‘’they can sense your vibrations, could be anyplace lying hidden behind the tress, beneath us, above in the sky or maybe in water, anywhere’’, he mentioned and requested me ride over the unicorn again. At times all that jazz he mentions drifts over my head. Nonetheless the creepy looking tress, the darkness all around and the hidden monster waiting, was giving me nervous breakdown.
The itchiness and pain over my neck forced me to scratch it; while I was about to touch my neck Drake held my hand and told me to say still. He leaned forward and hit it really hard and heaved that thing away. I stared at Drake giving an eerie look and asked, ‘’ is there any explanation or still you prefer to remain quiet’’. He nodded his head and said, ‘’ no, no I do… have an explanation, ah! Well it was just a tiny snake’’. ‘’a snake! You call it a tiny thing. I swear if we get out of this mess, you won’t be seen the other day,’’ I screamed at him. Drake burst into laugh and said, ‘’killing me won’t be worth it, no way, and I wouldn’t explain you why because those eyes already explained everything and would speak to you too if you look into the mirror’’. Alright, my feelings have developed in a bundle and somehow I fell for him.
The unicorn in some way got restless; it jerked me on the ground and sprinted away. ‘’before the list of questions begin, the unicorn ran away because it wouldn’t carry on with us anymore because Jason’s land is forbidden for all creatures of Watfire valley. Perhaps now you understand why they asked for our help’’, he specified with raised eyebrows. Avenging these creatures may not benefit Jason, some way or the other he’ll pay back for what he had plotted. Definitely the plot he created meant something—he had a great disastrous plan for their destruction.
‘’Amanda they wouldn’t be able to hear me, but your footsteps could be heard and felt by the monster. It would be better if you remove them and wear these slippers’’, said Drake. I refused to have them and uttered ‘’ are you serious, you want me to wear these leafy slippers you took out from your pocket. I wonder how they fit in’’. ‘’would you ever or never stop arguing,’’ he pleaded. I wore those slippers without stating any word because already my foolishness had got us into great chaos.
The unicorn had already deceived; just wonder the amount of distance I would have to cover. Drake’s behavior was increasing my anxiety to great extent. He even refuses to share his feelings; the only bad quality I have noticed so far is his anger.


Chapter 6: The Three Crowns

I rowed the boat as quick as possible. A dragon with blue horns and nose with a red scaly body and black feathery wings in a deep slumber was lying on a huge black rock and was quite far from where I stood. I yelled out nentorania so at least he could hear my voice and come for help. After hearing my call that dragon woke up and swam into fire, that sight gave me goose bumps. ‘Forty years I have been sleeping; no one had ever dared to cross except the guy named Drake but unfortunately the sea swallowed him because he didn’t know the spell. I wonder who must have told you, but what so ever I would have to help you or else the sea would swallow me as you are my master and it’s my duty to help you, jump over my back’, the dragon said. ‘Don’t be too curious Miss Amanda; I am Fierce the dragon of fire and your spell forced the fire flower to spill nectar on my horns that broke my beauty sleep’.

He was swimming in fire just like fish swims in water; he reached near a blue stone and asked me to step on it and someone would carry me from here to the castle. I stepped on the stone and thanked; he swam back to where he came from. The blue stone itself turned into a bride over a fiery river and a white unicorn walked over it. It bowed down so I could step on its back. The bride was surrounded by rose flowers with white crystals on each of the petals. The unicorn continued its walk peacefully and just as it reached the castle, bowed again. They lowered the bridge of castle that connects the river with castle. I walked over that wooden bridge; a dwarf with white wings, green leaf like ears, red eyes with a round nose and face welcomed me and held my hand. The castle looked medieval, the walls were made of bricks with wooden doors, and the window frames were made of brass or copper with glass fitted in. On the right corner was spiral staircase lined with a red carpet, the dwarf walked over it.

It was getting darker but suddenly there was bright light and we both entered into it. I couldn’t believe my eyes just a minute ago the castle looked horrible but now all around were huge white pillars with lamps made of crystal, beneath the lamps were two swords crossed over each other and in the bottom of that he room was huge chandelier. It was exactly the same chandelier from the university’s hall, well that was pretty awkward. I walked further, there were few steps and just above the steps were three thrones: ice, water and fire. I wonder who ruled this land—as in there was no other being. Somebody held my shoulder from back, I startled, ‘I am sorry I didn’t mean scare you, I am glad you have reached here safe and sound,’ that same person who has been helping me stated and walked away. Three other old, tall and skinny, with oval shaped face, pointed nose, long beard and crowned people stood beside him, they all looked similar except the crown that they wore and colour of their eyes, a crown of ice with rubies having red eyes, a crown of water with diamonds having blue eyes and the last one wore a crown of fire with dark black eyes, ‘’we were expecting your presence Miss Amanda and we are proud Drake haven’t failed us,’’ the old man with crown of water said and walked towards me.

‘’I am aware dear that you might not know who Drake actually is, I know it will sound stupid but it is the truth and you have to believe it. Every so often when a pair is created, their souls are connected to each other; it is what we believe in our world. Just as all other beings you were created from Drake’s ribs, he landed up here to help us about forty years ago and that would be four years in your world. He didn’t die but forced to live worse life than death, he couldn’t bear the pain so we somehow freed his soul, his body’s been captured and only you can release him, just a drop of your blood will break the spell and free him. I hope you remember the nightmares you had; they were signals from Drake’s soul as nobody except you could free him. He came here to help us but got captured by Jason,’’ that old man said but the one with ice crown told him to stop as according to him, I shouldn’t know the rest.

That was ridiculous, I have never met Drake and neither have we crossed each other’s paths before. There was no doubt he was extremely handsome, but that doesn’t mean I would simply believe a foretold tale. That old man stated he entered here four years ago and at that time I was fifteen and yes, my nightmares began from the time I turned twelve, but Drake didn’t look too old. As one riddle gets solved another awaits just a step ahead. Probably I should ask that old man, ‘I am sorry, I didn’t mean to spy but I can’t help it, and I have read all your thoughts. We completely understand your concern and may be this is the time we should tell you the truth. Drake wasn’t meant to save us it was actually you. We visited both of you but that time you were just twelve but Drake was sixteen, well you don’t expect us to tell him everything that time even he was a kid by then. But when you turned fifteen he was nineteen and had enough wisdom to understand what we meant to say. He agreed to risk his life on your behalf. You don’t actually know but he was your neighbour and he secretly loved you. Nobody could really explain what it means but yes, it makes an unbreakable bond, a connection between two hearts and soul even though you remain unaware’, third old man with a fire crown mentioned while circling around me.

Drake didn’t state a word but was continuously looking at me with those round brown gleaming eyes. I just wonder how somebody could love someone without letting the other person notice. Maybe that’s why my heart believed him even though my mind was resisting trusting him. The real problem was how I would be able to save him. There was a monsoon of questions arising in my mind and how I am I supposed to help these people. I didn’t even know who actually they were, or were they even real. This other world was driving me nuts, and why Jason was behind both of us. We meant him no harm; these people needed our help that’s all. Drake walked towards me and believe me whenever he comes near I lose my senses, maybe that old folk was right there was some connection that I never understood. I just couldn’t stop looking at him, it’s like I just sit still and watch just him and the whole time pass that way.

My life back there was better than what I have landed into, it’s so damn true none of the human being is glad with what they own until and unless they lose it. Drake stopped in front of me, looked into my eyes and said, ‘’I never wanted to put you into trouble, I tried my best but there was nothing I could do to save myself’’. He seemed to be a nice guy because in today’s world nobody cares about someone that much and definitely won’t risk their live for others. I have got to help him; maybe this is not the time to be selfish at least not for somebody so selfless. As Drake was looking at me that same unicorn stopped besides us and he asked me, ‘Amanda we have got to hurry, Jason’s up to something and soon he will destroy my body we have time until dawn’. ‘’Are you serious about that then what have we been doing here and why didn’t you call me sooner’’, I told him and sat upon the unicorn. ‘You won’t understand’, he paused, ‘maybe we should get going’, he said and looked down. It was hard to believe that somebody out there love me more than me, well that was pretty impossible because sometimes it’s not good to trust words. But then eyes don’t lie, they say it’s a mirror to heart and his eyes didn’t lie.

We went out of the castle, but he used another exit—somewhere a the other end of castle. We entered into a forest; the whole area was surrounded by dark green leafy tress. That unicorn kept moving and Drake was following, I had to ask so many things, I didn’t know how to begin and maybe this wasn’t the right time. But I couldn’t shut off, I turned back and called him out, ‘Look, I know this is not the right time but honestly it’s freaking me out, how could you possibly know me while I haven’t seen you before and that old man said you were my neighbour, I mean honestly somebody lived so near to my house and I never even noticed and someone like you—someone who secretly loved me and cared so much without even letting me notice’. He looked at me and answered softly, ‘I stood there all the time while you played in the lawn, the times you stood in balcony, times you rode bicycle, times you cried looking at the sky, I stood there all along—away still near, known still unknown’. He moved closer and whispered into my ears, ‘Love has to be pure, it doesn’t demand anything in return neither does it know to take by force but it knows giving even you get emptied with each moment but that emptiness completes the giver in a way that nobody understands’.

Chapter 5: Secret behind Nightmares

That fascinating beautiful rose again turned into a dragon fruit with in a blink of an eye. I questioned him, ‘’what is happening around here how did a fruit turned to flower and then back to fruit.’’ Probably this whole mess have affected my brain as well but that was barely possible, because otherwise Mr. White won’t call it a rose. ‘’Dear one, things every now and then do not appear as they are, but they remain what they are, yet they seem to you as you see them as they stand, still you would never understand what they are’’, he said staring continuously at the fruit I held within my palm. He looked at sky and murmured, ‘‘we never did really belong anywhere, neither had we wished to stay somewhere, nor did we accept to shelter in a single place. All we ever wanted is to find myself, the place where our soul would prefer to be. Maybe this is the place where your soul would reveal who really you are’’.

I really had no idea about how he got to know what I had been thinking and wondering from years. He suggested me to continue my journey in order to find a way back because the place I entered this land won’t take me back to where I actually belong. it was hard to move on without even knowing what lies ahead, sometimes it’s good to walk with the forces of universe and listen to what the heart says. Mr. White bowed down and whispered into my ears, ‘’just follow the forces of this universe, they will give you strength, courage and power beyond that you might think rests deep inside you. They will also guide you and reveal paths, but listen and take note of what I say now, choose wisely and carefully for you might never get another chance and once you lose something no matter how hard you try, even all the forces great and powerful don’t hold enough authority to change what had happened’’.

It’s really tough to leave behind someone your heart gets attached to, yet life demands sacrifices. Second ago everything seemed okay, but now I had nowhere to go. Besides that long endless road and green creepy tress around nothing else seemed to exist. Ah! At last, I could again see that bright light- one I saw before leaping into the hole. My vision was getting blurred; I couldn’t stand that strength of light, and began to hear voices, they sound familiar to me. Just a fraction later I could see some images appearing in my vision. According to old sayings the past never leaves you alone, maybe that’s how it is because it was my nightmare that had been following me since age of twelve until I turned nineteen. Those images and voices passed away with the wind. There was someone unknown with those images, he moved towards me and whispered into my ears, a tall fair black hair man, pointed nose, oval shaped face, dark brown eyes under heavy black eyelashes and small hair covering his chin. The voice was like a beautiful rhythm and I felt him moving in and out of my body as if he touched my soul, ‘’Amanda just walk and follow the red star and don’t worry my soul’s always protecting you, you just have to trust me, I promise to never disappoint you and my masters.’’

I actually never trusted people too easily, but don’t know why my heart forced me to trust him blindly. Finding a red star in between those million sparkling stars above was quite a tough task. A red sparkling star appeared in front of my eyes, it wasn’t actually a star, rather a tiny red bee. ‘’So Miss Amanda, are you ready for the ride?’’ Heavens! Couldn’t believe my ears, it just spoke to me. The earth moved away beneath my feet, and I landed over some weird creature, it looked more like a flying elephant. Wow, what else could go wrong, it was an elephant flying with ears that were modified into wings over his back, the trunk besides in front was its tail behind its back, it even had spikes over its body just like dragon and sprayed water instead of fire. This spine-chilling land and creatures don’t like to see my soul rest in my body. I just wanted to scream out loud, but preferred controlling my emotions and pretended as if it was just a dream. ‘’Hold tight Miss Amanda, we have a long way to go and Jess won’t leave you in the middle’’, it just told me its name. Oh god! Please protect me; this was all I wished as for now.

Jess continued his flight for quite a long time and all I could see was nothing but darkness, I wonder how he knew where he was going, though he was following that red bee or red star whatever it was. ‘’We have reached the aisle to Watfire valley,’ he said in excitement and landed over something and he turned into a perfectly normal elephant. At last I stepped on earth and was quite amazed to see such a beautiful flora and fauna. All I could see were huge palm trees on sides with hanging dates; above the dates were small diamonds and each diamond held a minute pearl. As I moved further I saw two waterfalls that interconnect at the bottom though it was thousand miles away from where I stood and besides that waterfall was a huge palace- I was curious to see who really lived there. I never knew my sight was that good? And what the hell was I dressed into, a watery gown- completely transparent and yet I couldn’t see any of my body parts and my long brown hair grew even longer into a braid with small rubies in each section. The whole place was decorated with jewels and diamonds.

‘’I won’t be able to walk along, from here onwards you need to find your own way, I hope you remember an old advice, if you know what I mean’, Jess said and disappeared and that red star walked along with Jess giving me a ring made of gold with ruby fixed in it. I wore that ring and decided to move on, as per now I was even eager to know where my destiny wishes to take me. I walked for about a mile looking at beautiful short and long tress with different fruits, well some of those fruits had their leaves made of sapphire and some had its stalk made of moonstone crystals. At least I had knowledge of those stones, for now I could thank Aunt Rosie for something because her husband worked in a jewellery shop which she forced me to visit once. After walking for too long I reached a river and inside that river was two boats made of coal and rowers were made of wood. I wonder how this coal didn’t sink.

‘Don’t think too much, there’s no time left to waste’, a bird of ice circling around my head said. I didn’t actually figured out what was he pointing to. ‘Walk forward and as you step in river, two scrolls would appear choose the right one if you are wise enough and that will help you cross’, he said and disappeared. Would it be wise enough to trust that bird, well what I understood is that they want me to reach there no matter what. I stepped into water it was cold and warm at the same time, which was quite weird. As the bird stated two scrolls appeared hanging in the air made of huge green leaf- not actually scrolls just leaves rolled like scrolls. Over one of them the words were written with water and over another with black ink. That was pretty confusing, it was more like a riddle to solve, the words written with water were ‘I might burn turn into ash and burn you along with me, I give up smoke and its excess won’t let you breath, you get me nowhere but from yourself if you know what I really mean’, on other scroll with black ink had same sentences except ‘you cut me down, you kill me every day and I still listen to what you say’. It was clear that the first was coal and second was wood because it had words cut me down. The real question was which scroll and boat I should choose.

I chose the second scroll and the first boat, as I stepped into the boat the river of water turned into fire and the coal began to burn, the rowers were made of wood and caught fire. I had no way out and didn’t actually know what to do. I was too scared and completely hopeless, just as I was figuring what to do that same handsome man appeared, ‘’miss Amanda you should have chosen the water scroll as you were going to travel in water and as the riddle was about coal it would turn into wood, the coal boats were just for confusion because the boat would turn into wood as you carry the right scroll into them,’’ he stated with a helpless expression. ‘’as for now I can’t help you, but yes I can give you a suggestion if you travel faster you will reach a spot where dragon sleeps just jump over it and say ‘nentorania’ it will help you’’, he said and vanished into air. Sometimes it’s not good to be over confident, now suffer what you have put yourself into and keep going and started rowing the boat. It was getting hot because the coal was burning quickly, I wonder where that spot was because the bottom had already caught fire and soon it would reach to top.

Chapter 4: Unknown Land

I stood watching the black hole, at the same moment someone from behind pushed me inside it. I had no idea where it might lead me. After wandering for too long in the middle of nowhere, at last I bumped into something, didn’t actually know what, but yes it was extremely stiff. I looked beneath to observe whatever it was, and was tremendously amazed, speechless to what my eyes could stare at. It was a gigantic mammoth-species present during the period of ice age and was duple the size of the original one existed during that particular age. It was tough to contemplate, not easy to swallow and stupid enough to think that I’ve cross the threshold to the ice age.

Besides all this awful disaster, I was still confuse and curious to know who pushed me from back. Well not exactly disaster but more like adventure, things lying ahead might turn out to be a lot risky, dangerous and treacherous or might be a complete opposite. Well, maybe this is the road that would lead me to the place where I belong, revealing and writing, unopened and unwritten chapters of my book that needs completion before a perfect or remorse end. The thoughts, fears and suspiciousness were crashing my mind just like waves hit the banks and the whole land gets flooded.

My stomach was grumbling like the mammoths having a party down there. I just saw a dragon fruit hanging to one of the branches of a huge tree, though it was hard to grab but hunger forced me to make an impossible task possible, well yes, the small stone helped me too for a perfect hit. I was about to nibble, but I heard someone saying, ‘don’t eat that thing dear one, its poisoned’. Holy cricket you won’t believe a tree just spoke to me. This place was turning out wired than I assumed. That tree just offers its other branch with fruit hung on it saying, ‘perhaps this won’t be of any harm and you can sit in my shade and I promise I won’t bite’. Hunger forced me to believe that tree and nibble that fruit as quick as possible. If someone out there really got to know that I just spoke to a tree they’ll die laughing.

Conversing with someone though it was a tree after a long time was amusing; the sky swallowed the sun giving birth to the moon and million sparkling stars made a perfect roof. Mr. White covered me in his elongated branches to keep me warmed and I fell asleep while listening to the beautiful song sung by the crashing of waves in the sea, the cold blowing wind and small chirping insects. Someday life would put me in a situation of falling in love with it—never thought of it. Though I was scared, but on the other hand I felt protected as if someone was guarding me all the way. With the first ray of sunlight I arose from the ground, stretched myself and looked around for some water to clean myself and was amazed to see breakfast lying on a small mat. The smell of the crunchy toast, the brown colour of the coffee and the fragrance of the fruits really made the day. I wonder where in the heaven this all came from or it just fell from sky like meteors, but there was not enough time to think as I was hungry. After settling my stomach I approached Mr. White and was drove out of senses after the dragon fruits suddenly transformed into roses.

I was about to question Mr. White regarding the transformation that befell within a single night. Mr. White offered the branch with just a single rose and requested me to pick that up. I followed his command, Mr. White pointed towards the rose and turned away his face located at the bottom of bark saying, ‘dear one this rose is alone, just own its own, but loneliness doesn’t affect its beauty and yes, don’t forget about the thorns around those beautiful petal, everything that’s beautiful has some flaws and everything that’s ugly has something beautiful. It all depends upon you the light; love and goodness that you have hidden inside yourself that would help you to turn stones into human. It all depends on how you ruminate and act upon the situation that you have been put into. And always remember, your heart will always help you choose what’s right just listen to what it says’. Whatever he said would have some hidden meaning that I might not understand now but maybe later I would appreciate him for his advice. The wise ones never waste there words.

Chapter 3: Getting into trouble

Can’t really forget that drama- my great perfect aunt created. It’s completely okay to be imperfect-imperfection comes into human race by birth. They are born with different nature, personalities and psychology. We all have flaws but if she thinks she’s one on earth then besides she should distant herself from all humans and consider living with angels. But, someone like her can even point out mistake in them. The earth has hidden secret that demand to be discovered. She can’t just simply call me a lunatic, if she doesn’t think that way. We all differ; I have no problem if you consider she perfect. It’s great if she thinks about herself that way; not being offensive, but for once would she please stop looking for her own reflection everywhere. Please make an effort to look what lies within somebody else, they may seem lunatic to you but just one time could you put their thoughts forward and stop criticizing.

The whole problem with all of us is that, we all waddle everywhere looking for change. Still we never look where we all lie. If only we could feel pain on the other side, nobody on this planet is happy, yet some people look beyond imperfections. I know evil resides in all of us; few of us strive to overcome it, we all know nobody’s perfect. On the very day, dad was really upset for the blunder I created and he had to hear all that nonsense from her beloved sister- well she won’t just stop here, some people can’t keep themselves from spreading rumours. She would have never come to know about it if my big headed cousin wasn’t in my university. Well I can’t deny the fact why she’s so high on sky- she’s fair, tall with a round face, pointed nose, cherry lips, oval shaped blue eyes. Half of the boys were after her- she never gives importance to anybody besides George the handsome hunk.

Everyone has got something special and they are blessed with it by nature and nobody has to feel proud about something that fades away with time. And for heaven sake, she stops comparing me with her. There’s no point comparing us when we are two different people. I told my dad sorry about the mess. He wouldn’t have even got mad at me if that evil witch would have preferred minding her own chores. My parents completely understand the kind of person I am. Sometimes I feel even they are bit worried that I don’t get lost in this massive crowd, but in every being there’s a hidden soldier that knows to battle at perfect time. Escaping from responsibilities and mistakes doesn’t build you up instead destroy you further. We are all here to discover reason behind our presence. Not a single human runs the whole world. We all work together to get along and find the right path and nature always leads us to the place where the time and circumstances demands our existence.
Well, my life was going perfect, time stealing every breath of my life-though there were blunders but there’s absolutely nothing harmful in enjoying your life. I entered the genetic lab; the class was going smoothly until something strange happened. I heard a thud sound, beneath my chair and it seemed like no one else noticed. I looked all around but nothing was wrong. After everyone left the lab, the curiosity could hold my steps from moving that chair.

I knocked on those white tiles with a stroke of lilac and bless my soul; the tiles moved leading to some tunnel; didn’t actually know what could lie on the other side. But curiosity is mother of invention so I took a torch from one of the drawer-we usually use it for observing parts of organisms. I was bit frightened but yet had a belief that something interesting might lie there. We all know secret passage ways are not made for amusement. I kept on walking into that wide tunnel till I witnessed a spiral staircase made from glass-just as one in each study rooms; the only difference is the usage of wood for secret rooms. It would be wide of the mark in discovering the truth besides going back.

That staircase led to the abandoned room-somebody was already aware of the secret passage and locked it away from all folks. As I stepped into the room, the lights lit up just like some magic. The flooring of room was made from copper crystals-of course each science student can easily identify it if it’s labelled. The walls made of sapphire crystals and the chandelier hung in the room was made from finely shaped rubies and diamonds. Beneath the chandelier was a wide black hole-maybe entrance to some other mysterious place. A yellow light just as strong as sunlight was being illuminated through that hole. The light was made to fall on mirrors that surround the black hole; mirrors reflected that light to the chandelier, the diamonds in it reflects light to the flooring and the floors to the walls. The whole room was empty except the black hole in the centre.

Chapter 2: Alchemy

We reached Terrazzo, the town where our university was, it was so named for its stunning floor coverings, carpets and all antique decorations from all over the world. Every now and then I enter the town the first thing strikes my mind is that I’ve entered an ancient place. The town had been constructed on such a beautiful prehistoric theme, maybe that’s why it attracts loads of tourist. Well, source of producing for the government to run the town and the districts.

The university was five minute walk from the platform. And yes, there stands a gigantic pyramid shaped building named Alchemy; well not exactly a real pyramid but you can call it one by its structure, modification and shade. As I already stated every single thing in the town was medieval. Alchemy was so named by a Muslim scientist who along with board members constructed this university about eighty years ago, offering wide range of subjects that include vast field of study on science and finance. It is so well designed with staircase, huge canteens, more than forty five vast spaced classes; now at present age they have reconstructed it with escalators and elevators the best of all, the amphitheatre. Every year we have specific theme this year’s theme was astrophysics.

Well I am science freak and my main subject was genetic engineering. It had been my favourite topic since high school when I first read about genes. At each entrance, nine in total, stood two dangerous security guards, more like wrestlers, for the safety of students and all stuff that lies in the basement where no one except Mr Jacob-our principal at present and few board members have access. The students and teachers were provided with passes that were scanned before anyone can step in, and as for the parents they are never allowed inside besides the principal and teachers discuss all matters regarding their children on web cams.

The technology has totally dominated the world, no wonder why human beings had turn out to be extremely sluggish and more like worthless. As Hana and I step into the door our student identity cards were scanned by the machines fixed to the metallic door frames. The doors at night were protected by lasers, really never figured out the idea behind it all. As we entered Alchemy Jake stood just in the middle of hall beneath the chandelier made of rubies and diamonds; as the light from the windows about twenty of them that are opened only at the time of sunrise and as the sun’s fully risen they shut down all the windows; strike the chandelier, creates a stunning pattern of flowers and extraordinary shapes. Hana walked towards him, he bowed on his knees and offered her a beautiful ring with a small diamond fitted in a small crown moulded on ring. I gazed at them with an extensive smile, ‘This is marvellous way to propose and the spot you chose is awesome, I must say Hana you’re a really lucky girl’.

From the hall ways five staircases and escalators designed in a circular pattern leads to the first floor; the two special elevators that leads to the basement were protected by guards. On the right hand side of the first floor was a huge canteen more like café, just as you step in at right corner coffee dyed round tables with black wooden chairs, comfortable red hot couches four in total placed parallel with coffee tables exact in the middle of canteen, at left corner of the canteen was gaming area that had about fifteen chess boards, seven polo tables, bowling area. Behind the counter was a wide kitchen that’s inspected after every two hours to ensure safety of students and teachers health. The counters were lined with all sorts of starters; donuts, sweets from different regions of the world, cold drink the whole thing free of charge.

On the very left of the first floor were rest rooms and locker rooms- separate for male and females. The most fascinating thing about the lockers- finger scanning passwords; secret spacious study rooms were built for each student behind their lockers. Each study room was well organized with a wooden study table and chair with study lamp in one corner, a huge bookshelf leaning on one of the walls, a computer besides the bookshelf, balcony that gives sea view- seaside behind Alchemy, central air conditioning that senses your body temperature and work accordingly, about four light bulbs on each corner of the room, in the middle of room was spiral staircase that leads to the second and third floor depending upon the field you’ve selected- second floor for finance and third for science. The staircase was built for emergency usage in case you get late for class.

Two escalators from the middle of first floor lead to second floor- the finance study zone. Twenty vast classes for different fields in finance study. One more canteen on right corner not as big as the one on first floor but big enough for students to spend their free class time. The classes were well designed with projectors, computer for professor and for each student attending the class, 3-d method of teaching was used for well understanding. About seven white boards fit behind each another- as first one is filled with ink it’s shifted up to save as much time as possible. The lectures were even recorded and a copy of each lecture was sent to the computers fitted in students private study rooms. The third floor was exactly similar to the second one except five extra classes- four for labs for medical students and one class was abandoned just at the end of corridor no one knows why. Once I tried to sneak out but was caught and suspended for a week; the principal strictly warned me if I ever tried to sneak again I would be expelled.

CHAPTER 1: Walk to platform

Every so often we really wish to go far, far away from wherever we reside. We decide to take our own charge without clarifying to anybody, why and what for, we did something. Even if you do, no one’s actually going to understand the reason behind it; instead they’ll turn it into a farther mess. People simply love to sprinkle pepper on your wounds, or somehow taunting you as if you could’ve changed the destiny. If it was so easy I would be the first one to do that. I am completely fed up with people trying to control my life. I am a woman now even my mom says Amanda you’re ready to take your own decisions. But those fitful relatives, would they ever or never learn to mind their own business.
Sunday sunrise, the warmth of the winter sun with the cold breeze kissed my face, when I opened my room’s balcony, as this was the first thing I do in the morning. Got dressed up for university, had to leave by seven because it’s about half hour distance from my district. My mom Susan was sitting on dinning ready with breakfast. She made me toasted bread with jam and boiled eggs, because she’s always concerned about what the three of us eat; me, my brother Henry and my dad John but as I was in hurry, I grabbed an apple and rushed towards door to catch the train because the next train would arrive after an hour. I bid goodbye to my mother saying I’ll get something from the platform to eat. As I opened the door, bless my soul there comes the trouble, my aunt Rosie, why the hell I had to see her face early in the morning.
She’s my father’s sister, a nightmare and unfortunately her nest is next to our house. Don’t understand why in the hell she didn’t get any other accommodation except district seven, and guess what the name of the district is what else ‘Rosie’. This really drives me nuts and I plead every day to shift somewhere beyond her reach. And oh, look who’s sanding there Marry my big-headed cousin, the whole problem is she’s my same age. Did all this disastrous creatures have to land up here only?
I really never feel like greeting her but just for my dad’s sake, forced to behave gently- though she doesn’t deserve it at all. I leaned forward with a smile and hugged her, ‘’hey, auntie what a surprise, today early in the morning. Mom’s all set with breakfast she would be pleased if two people could hop in’’. If she really knew what I meant, I know I am a bit wicked but what to do, looking at her face my mind becomes a nuclear bomb- planning to blow her up. She along with her vicious daughter entered the house and I moved out. I don’t even want to think about the scene she might be creating inside.
What so ever it’s a long way to walk to the platform, so it’s better to catch some music to dodge those pointless thoughts. While I walk to the platform, I always greet Uncle John, a tall skinny blond hair short beard man with a round face, pointed nose; red cheeks, pink lips and oh that wide emerald eyes and looks so handsome even at the age of sixty. I told Aunt Jane, she’s so lucky to have such a noble man. Even she was terrific a fifty five year old women, rose petal lips, round face with a pointed chin and nose, lustrous blue eyes that cast magic if you look deeply and guess what a wrinkle less skin though uncle did have wrinkles.
He runs a stall of sandwiches; you really want to try that- what I say is its even tasty than a five stared hotel’s sandwich. Sometimes I really feel bad for him; he has to run expenses of himself and her wife, besides having a very rich son. Ah! People nowadays really love materialistic things forgetting all the blessings. Feel like changing things and I believe there would come a time.
The platform is just a mile away from uncle john’s stall and I think it’s a best place to run edible stuff. At last I reached the platform; at present to get to the train have to cover sixty additional stair steps, why in the heaven they didn’t get an idea for using an escalator. Besides that there’s no security designed for the tracks; best opportunity for freaking fools to commit suicide. It really makes me wonder, how people can kill them so hard, after I read an article about a young sixteen teenager committing suicide; well no one actually knew why. But people of our world oh! You all know what I mean to say, can never ever mind their business.
At last there approaches the train, I entered the train and as usual Hanna stood welcoming me. She’s my best friend and a classmate. An average height girl with pearly white spotless skin, diamond shaped face, pointed nose, charcoal wavy hair running down the shoulder, dark brown oval eyes with heavy eye lashes. The best thing about her is her personality, she doesn’t open up with all the people but when she does, she would be the most marvelous friend, you can’t even imagine of.
And yes above and beyond all those errors in my life, the best part except my family is Hanna. With Hanna I feel so full of life, forgetting everything that drives me nuts. She lives in district five; we usually visit each other on weekends. Hanna rushed to the door hugged me so tight even tighter than always, ‘you won’t believe what happened today. I’ve been waiting from so long to roar it all out’. I didn’t actually knew why was she so excited, I’ve never seen her so happy before. We both stood leaning on the walls because all seats were occupied ‘Then I suppose my ears can’t hold back to catch the flow of your words’.
She held my hands, ‘You won’t believe Jake literally proposed me last night and today in the morning his dad called my dad and invited us for dinner’. I looked at her face with a wide smile, ‘That’s so amazing, congratulations so I suppose after university, no home we’re going to hang out and yes I won’t miss my treat’. She smiled back with a wink and that shyness, ‘well yes of course today is the best day of my life yet, and if I didn’t spend with you then it’s the worst thing I could do’.

landed in hell (editing)

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Fine art

Too cold, too dead, oh no! I touched my heart;

too late to hold on I have already fallen apart.

They speak about the journey nobody mentions fear,

the path has twists girl, it’s not as it appears.

Don’t look too deep there’s an empty space,

just look from above never try reaching the base.

Don’t think she will battle no sire, she forsake to attack,

there’re already holes in walls don’t forget to fill cracks.

Wish there was a lullaby, so in slumber remain forever,

but whosoever made the first song was extremely clever.

They say look for the moon so you fall amongst star,

what if she tells you don’t live for minutes just live for hours.